What can we say about ourselves? Well, to start, we just LOVE taking pictures (good to know!) and we both feel so lucky to say that this is what we both get to do for a living!  Without sounding too cheesy, it really is our dream job! We both fell in love with photography from a very early age and have experimented over the years with so many old (but amazing!) cameras.   From Polaroids to super old-fashioned box brownies – still even now we like to dig out an old 35mm and get all nostalgic shooting on film!

Photographs are such an important part of documenting special Moments in your life, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside when we know that no matter what we are photographing, from beautiful and emotional weddings to teeny tiny newborns, that we are creating and saving someone’s Memories that really do last forever!

Our Style?

Natural with a hint of quirky, relaxed but creative, fun with a bit of silly!

We want our pictures to tell your story we like to take a step back and photograph everything as it happens!

About Lisa

HEY!! Im Lisa one half of Icon Photography Studios, Im the Mancunian Irish one!  Im a little obsessed with dogs and crisps especially the monster munch variety and if I get a few G and T’s down me there will definitely be some Irish dancing involved. 

I love to have fun, will laugh at anything but I’m not very good at getting jokes. I love to tell a story but will usually mix up the beginning the middle and the end. Ive always loved portraiture but was only introduced to photography just over 15 years ago when I met my now hubby Drew in Jillys-Rock world in Manchester, which is now a Tesco! 

My favorite thing ever is cuddling up on the sofa with the hairy baby and watching a film.


About Nicola

Hi! Im Nicola I’m originally from Paisley in Scotland but I now live in Stockport with my tall ginger hubby and my wee ginger dog Rosie!

I loooove to whistle (I’m rubbish but its fun!), I love to drink gin (my hubby hates me drinking gin!), I have a strange obsession with kissing my dogs nose I just can’t help it!, surprisingly I really like anything tartan, I am a total chocoholic and quite often have chocolate for breakfast, I love to wear anything stripey it makes me feel like a sailor! Music is a huge part of my life one of my first memories is sitting with HUGE headphones on listening to my dads Queen records which has now led to my own record collection of everything from Buddy Holly to The Cure!

My obsession with photography started when I was about 4 or 5 sitting on my grans living room floor surrounded by her picture albums full of pictures of all my family and my mum and dad from the 70’s I was hooked on the afros, flares and kipper ties!

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